Sex Swing Positions

To avoid turning sex into a routine, you have to explore new ways to spice it up. Sex toys, new positions/places/roles. Try it all, and see what you like. If you’ve decided to go with a sex swing, you’ll probably be needing some tips on what positions to try out. After all, you do want the best possible experience. But first, you have to know the different models of sex swings and what they allow you to do. There are door sex swings, hanging sex swings, body sex swings, and even self-standing ones, all available at Depending on the model, you can perform all sorts of different positions on a sex swing.

Best positions to perform on sex swings

Once you hang or install your sex swing, all you have to do is pick a position. Here is a list of interesting positions to choose from:


  • The Dirty Flying Carpet requires you to sit on the swing, hold on to the straps and lean back. Your partner needs to straddle your face, then bend down and pleasure you with fingers. You could also use toys while performing this position. This position is like a swing 69. The best sex swings to use for the Dirty Flying Carpet are door sex swings, hanging sex swings and the self-standing model.
  • The Space Dog is basically doggy style in the air. It requires one partner in the swing and the other on the ground. The person in the swing lies down, places their chest over one strap and stomach over the seat. The partner on the ground holds the receiving partner’s hips or thighs and slides them back and forth. The best sex swings for this position are hanging sex swings, door swings, self-standing swings and hammock-style sex swings.
  • Flying Missionary puts a great twist into this otherwise vanilla position. For this position, you will both need to be on the swing, so be careful to choose a swing that can hold more weight. The receiving partner sits on the swing, legs spread. This position is great because as the penetrating partner moves, the swaying intensifies. The best sex swings for this position are self-standing swings and hanging sex swings. Just be careful when attaching the hook of the hanging model to the ceiling. It has to be secured onto a strong beam.
  • The Doorman position is considered one of the best. You and your partner can also incorporate bondage into this position. The person in the swing needs to sit in it with their legs open and feet in the stirrups. The best sex swings for this position are door sex swings and self-standing swings.


Bonus positions to perform on sex swings

  • Chandelier Swing already sounds like fun. This position requires a strong sex swing that holds a lot of weight. Also, be careful and attach it to a strong beam. Both of you will be sitting on the swing for this position. This time, the partner that is penetrating sits on the swing seat, and the receiving partner sits on their lap while facing them. Now all you have to do is get your swing on! This position requires a hanging sex swing.
  • The Swing Spinner is a very interesting position, especially if you get a single hook swing. That way you’ll be able to perform a 360-degree spin. Here’s how it’s done: the person on the swing needs to slide their buttocks off the seat and place their feet on the seat while holding onto the straps. The person on the ground then mounts the receiving partner and spins them any way they like. It’s mind-blowing! The best sex swing for this position is a hanging sex swing.

Try them all

Now that you have a variety of positions to choose from, why not test them all out. Once you start, you won’t be able to get enough. You’ll forget you ever had sex without using a sex swing. If you’re interested in buying a sex swing, you can find some at