How to Find a Yorkshire Terrier on a Low Budget

Every dog lover would love to have the adorable Yorkshire Terrier. You may like the looks of this small and gorgeous looking Yorkie puppy, but it has a lot more than looks. Its personality is huge. Owning a dog is a matter of quite the expense and not being able to meet them affects the well-being of the dog. If you really want to possess one, here are useful guidelines to find a Yorkshire Terrier on a Low Budget.

Buying Yorkie from an animal shelter or rescue

If you are purchasing Yorkie from the animal shelter or rescue other than the legitimate breeder, the price will be low. The cost of the dog is more when buying from a good breeder because in that case, cost includes the pup’s shots, training, neutering, vaccination, etc.

Yorkies without registration and papers

If you do not insist on having a registered puppy with papers and documentation, the cost will be much low.

Pup looks

The color and coat determine the standard of the breed. The AKC approved colors are of four categories- black and gold, black and tan, blue and tan and blue and gold. The perfect coat of the Yorkie is straight, silky and shiny and the price of the puppy depends on these. For the low budget, you simply have a look at the parents and go for the pup.


Smaller the Yorkie, the higher is the price. So go with the size as per your budget.

Yorkie for yourself

If you want to get the Yorkie for your family only but not to participate in any exhibition or produce offspring for making a profit in future, then you can go for the low-cost pups. But also consider the health condition and activity of the puppies.

The other costs involved are dog supplies like toys, food, Best Rated Top Dog Beds, detergent, shampoo, brushes, collar, harness, training pads, etc.