Five Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Your Gifts Meaningful

Anyone can give a gift. All you need to do is go to a store, pick up something, probably wrap it up and give it to the person, right? No, gifting is not so simple, especially if you want your gift to have an impact on the person.

When you want your gift to matter, it has to be thoughtful and meaningful. Anyone can walk into a store and buy a gift like buying a child something from StarWalkKids.

Here are some ways in which you make your gift more meaningful:

  1. Wrapper – All stores have some wrapper or the other to wrap the gifts in. mostly these wrappers are free. Select a wrapper with a message in it. If it is a birthday, choose something that says happy birthday, or some prints that the person would like, etc. you may have to pay a little extra for these wrappers but it will make your gift stand apart from others’.
  2. Choose Right – When you are choosing the gift, think back on conversations you had with the person to see if you remember them talking about something in specific. If you know they are looking for something specific, see if you can buy that. Some items may not be easy to get, put in a little effort to source such items and this will make the person feel special and your gift very meaningful.
  3. Add A Note – Add a small not or a well-written letter to the person you are gifting to. A handwritten note personalizes the gift and gives you a chance to add more value and meaning to the gift. These notes and letters are bound to carry something personal or meaningful to the person.
  4. Handmade – If you are good at making things, you can make a gift with your own hands. Handmade items are scientifically proven to make the person feel more special and the gift more meaningful.
  5. Donate – When you donate generously in the name of a person, it makes them feel good about themselves and special to you. This need not be just a big amount of money. Charity can be any form and to know someone has done it in our name is bound to make that gift very special.

Here’s Why You Should Treat Yourself Even When You Feel Like You Shouldn’t

As a responsible human being, you work hard everywhere -At office as well as home.  We know very well that you do not have even an iota of an issue in this.  In fact, you enjoy letting go.  All your adjustments and sacrifices -small or big had brought happiness and harmony so far. You should treat yourself even if you don’t feel you require it.  Here are the reasons:

The prime reason that such treats will boost up your motivation.  It is a wonderful self-motivation technique.  This will fasten your achievements.

If you keep on working and leading a routine life without those extra pleasures, health experts say that stress levels add up and start impairing your health.  At one point you will feel self-deprived.  Then you will fall prey to self-pity and negative thinking.   Once in a while gift yourself at least a simple sweet thing.  May it be the ticket for your favorite music concert or a chocolate or something of your choice from gift baskets Toronto.

This will certainly improve happiness hormones.  Hence stress levels will come down and you will stay healthy.

Such treats also act as an anti-depressant.   Once you start ignoring to treat yourself, you tend to become hard on yourself and this creates depression.  It makes you realize your importance and feels confident because you deserve the treat.  Also, it acts as a protection for your self-esteem.  If you disregard your small pleasures, then others will tend to do the same thing.  So, treat yourself occasionally.  This highlights your importance and presence.  This is certainly not selfishness and you need not feel guilty for this.  Instead, such treats will make you handle challenges in life easily.  So, start treating yourself occasionally and enjoy life.  This will increase your morale and make you shine and grow.…