What Is A Five Point Harness Car Seat?

A 5-point harness is a safety feature that has straps running across the car seat to hold your baby in seat securely. The 5-point denotes the places where the harness webbings attach to the car seat. Two of the points are seen on each shoulder, two of the points are seen near baby’s hips and the final two run across baby’s legs. All modern infant car seats come with 5-point harness but there are some infant car seats still in production with 3-point harness; however they are rare. The 3-point harness will have the attachment points near the baby’s hips. The chest clip is also slightly different that is designed like a one-piece paper clip. Visit https://easymomsguide.com/clek-foonf-vs-fllo/ the compares two car seat models with 5-point harness slots.

There are three main reasons to choose the car seat that is equipped with 5-point harness:

  • When a collision occurs, the crash forces are transferred from the seat to the body parts of the child that take on high loads. The parts here refer to shoulders, hips and legs.
  • The 5-point harness keeps the child firmly in the seat and therefore the safety is ensured during all types of accidents like frontal collisions or side impacts. It can also protect against rollover accidents.
  • A 5-point harness provides easy adjustment to your growing child and offers a perfect fit for children of varying sizes and shapes.

The soft body parts of the child may not resist the crash forces like the rigid parts do. The harness should not be tangled or twisted before use. When you take the child out and put him there are possibilities that the harness straps get twisted as they move around the child’s body. Therefore, smoothing out the straps is very essential otherwise the straps will no longer be straight. Some new car models also have adjustable harness straps around the hips to fit the current width. Overall, the 5-point harness fits closer to the child’s body which helps him to remain safe on the seat.