3 Things everyone knows about designer handbags that you don’t

Shopping for a designer handbag can be costly, but if you know where to look it doesn’t have to be. Here, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks to help you find your new designer bag at a great price.

Shopping online can save you a lot of money when buying a new designer bag. By using 3rd party buying and selling sites, you can save some serious cash compared to buying directly from the designer. Designer handbags are so well-made, even when they are pre-owned they will still last for many years. However, you want to stay clear from any deals which look too good to be true, as they are likely to be a scam. If you want to find the iconic Hermes Birkin cheap, you might have to go for a replica as even preowned these bags can cost a fortune!

Another great way to purchase designer handbags is to wait for the big annual or semi-annual sales at top retailers. If you keep an eye out, you will know exactly when to hit stores or get your laptop out and start checking online. You’ll have to get there early to be sure of snapping up the best buys though – sought after items always go fast when there’s a great reduction.

Our final fact you’ll want to know about designer handbags is this: certain models, notably the Chanel 2.55 gets more and more valuable all the time. This is because of the ever-increasing demand to own this stylish purse. Therefore, it would make a great investment and you should buy it as soon as you can afford to rather than waiting until next year, as the price is very unlikely to drop any time soon. And the classic design means this cute handbag will never go out of style.…