How To Sell More Products With Instagram’s New Shopping Feature 2018

If you plan to comprare seguaci Instagram you can do that now. It is possible to sell more of your products on Instagram’s new shopping feature.


To get more value for the photos that you post on Instagram tag an image. Also in case you have spent money on a high-quality product catalog then take advantage of that. However, you need to make sure that you understand what to tag to each item and this can be done by adding some space in between the tags. This will make it easy to navigate through the post.

Multiple products can be tagged to a single post

Your followers can now explore your store and increase the post utility. When there are multiple items then your customer can be more drawn to your post. The benefit when you take many products is that these get displayed on to a product page and that too together. If a user clicks on one of the tagged items then others get displayed along with it. This causes more visibility and the chances of a purchase going through.

Choose the right products

The hashtags that you use should be attached to the right product. If there are brands that have the same name then cross-check to see that you tag the correct one. When you shop at Instagram it is much better because it is also direct. You do not want to send a wrong item to the customer.

The shopping experience

The Instagram is basically an extension of your e-commerce platform and thus it should naturally fit in. Thus the process of clicking an item into the Instagram post should be seamless. The Instagram stories should be able to reflect the appearance of the item truly. This includes all the details of the product, else the customers could get annoyed.