These 6 Retail Innovations Could Actually Make You Want to Shop in a Store Again

The e-commerce industry has changed the retail businesses a great deal. The way we look for our favorite products and the way we purchase them have all changed. There are plenty of benefits that online stores offer and so people now carry out a majority of their shopping online. But retail businesses have decided to smartly tackle the situation with the help of technology. Here are the 6 potential tech trends in retail business which could bring people back to the brick and mortar stores again –

  1. Self-checkout

This is a trend that is catching up at a rapid pace. So people could simply check out their cart soon after shopping without having to wait in long lines. Longer queues for billing is one of the biggest frictions that stops people from visiting stores.

  1. Virtual shop assistants

Virtual assistants on the mobile app designed by the retail stores can help customers find products they are looking for. They can also notify the customers about any running promotions.

  1. Omnichannel shopping experience

This simply means to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. You can get recommendations in the physical store based on the products in your wish-list in the online store. This makes checkout process simpler.

  1. Using AR in stores

AR has been used to give users a 3D simulation of the actual product. This helps users know what they buy.

  1. The use of drones

There are a few retail stores that use drones to help users find the products and also to get them delivered in their cart.

  1. Virtual fitting for quicker decisions

Why wait in the fitting room lines when you can virtually try as many dresses as you want in minutes! Virtual fitting rooms are going to rock the retail world.

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