Synthetic Urine: How To Choose The One That Will Actually Work

So if you smoke weed everyday and you have a drug test coming up very soon in the near future for something like probation or a workplace related drug test, it’s a good idea to use fake urine since you don’t want to end up in a prison cell with the potential risk of being abused by fellow prisoners in some very nasty ways that we are not going to discuss here since this article is about buying the best fake urine. So there are several chemicals present in human urine that urine tests detect for being real urine before going onto the test for THC content in the urine to confirm someone isn’t just using colored water.

Our fake urine contains all 11 of these chemicals, while other companies only contain maybe 5-6. This means that it is almost impossible for the fake urine to fail the initial test and since there is no THC in the urine, you will pass the pee test with flying colors. Our pricing is 50 dollars for a bottle, which seems like a steep price, since our competitors sell fake urine for only around 10 dollars, but our product is much much higher quality and there will work a lot better If you are one of those great people from the amazing country of the United States and are not an illegal immigrant and a good not very law-abiding citizen and you want fake pee for tests out website is basically the go-to place.

Our prices are extremely low but our pee is very high quality, pretty much indistinguishable from real urine. The probability that the test will fail is close to zero. We are industry leaders in the fake pee industry, operating out of Montreal, Canada.